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Gayle C. Guynup, Trustee

“The purpose of this letter is to recommend Nicholas Gill to you as a trusted real estate agent, advisor and property manager. As a trustee, I oversee the operations of two shopping centers, a business park, and 15 single-tenant commercial buildings. Approximately eight years ago I became acquainted with Nic when we were evaluating marketing Rosehill Shopping Center. I was impressed with Nic’s analytical abilities, sincerity and substantive knowledge. Over the next few years, I kept in contact with Nic and approximately four years ago I asked him to manage the Kirkland shopping center.

Nic has been an effective leasing agent and property manager. He promptly responds to complaints, maintains cordial relationships with the tenants and makes constructive recommendations.

He is very knowledgeable about the real estate market and any development potential. He is well informed and very professional. He is a good communicator and makes himself available to respond to any telephone calls or correspondence. My life has been less stressful since Nic has accepted his present responsibilities. Most importantly, Nic is honest, ethical and a kind person.

If I can provide any additional information please advise”

Mike Neilson, WEST 77 Partners

“I’m writing this letter to recommend Nicholas Gill to you as a trusted and competent real estate agent and acquisition partner. From our first meeting in 2014, Nic has become a vital partner in helping us realize our acquisition goals through creative strategy.

As the Principal and CEO of West77 Partners, my goal was to build 20 hotels in Washington state in seven years. I was using LoopNet and CBA to produce leads, with a home base in Utah. Nic suggested a new approach, targeting off‐market properties as well as grouping smaller parcels into sites that meet our development criteria. This approach has produced nine successfully partnered projects over the course of five years with a trajectory to continue that success.

Nic’s out‐of‐the‐box thinking and network breadth has led us to opportunities not possible without Nic’s leadership. His team is adept at tracking leads from inception to closing, taking much of the acquisitions to work off my plate allowing me to focus my time and energy on other vital relationships and processes necessary for real estate development. Nic is reliable and thorough with an optimism based on his proven ability to get the most difficult and complex deals to close.

I strongly recommend Nic to you and your team. Please contact me for additional information, or to discuss Nic’s qualifications further.”

Elizabeth Braun, Virginia Mason

“Please allow me to introduce myself – I manage Virginia Mason’s Real Estate Portfolio as their Director of Planning and Real Estate. I started working with Nic Gill and the Westlake team in 2011, when we selected Westlake Associates in a competitive selection process to represent us on a lease renewal at one of our Regional Medical Centers in Bainbridge Island. They wowed us with their data-driven approach, providing us with all of the relevant comparable information, demographic information and real estate market scans to successfully renegotiate a much more favorable lease.

We continued our working association in 2011 to scan the North Seattle area for a replacement clinic, and they again pulled together impressive information on dozens of properties, helping us sort through their pros and cons to make an exceptionally good decision to locate our replacement facility at U Village. This was not only a great location; they obtained a very cost-effective lease, with a good rental increase structure that matched our business needs.

We continued again to evaluate our Regional Medical Center in Bellevue, Washington in 2016. Our existing site was proposed to be redeveloped, and we had to move. They again helped us structure an RFP that we issued, and obtained several diverse proposals from developers. They helped us analyze the proposals, select the best option, and saw us through a very difficult lease negotiation to a successful outcome. We just broke ground on this facility.

We selected them again to sell a piece of surplus land that we owned on First Hill in 2017 at 1111 Summit. They structured a Broker RFP that we issued to a select shortlist of potential buyers, and we obtained top dollar for the sale, even after the first offer backed out.

I want to emphasize that none of these partnerships have been easy. These lease negotiations have involved owner financing of Tl’s, options and restrictions and conditions unique to us as a medical client, like locating a heavy MRI on top of a commercial structure. In all of these negotiations, Nic has taken the lead position, tracking the progress, keeping us on task, making sure that deadlines were met and issues brought to closure. His even, levelheaded approach, sense of humor and intrepid spirit have helped us push even difficult leases to closure.

We have used Nic and his team to help us research many other market opportunities that I cannot discuss, where their timeliness, thoroughness and willingness to hunt out great opportunities for us have paid off.

I would strongly recommend Nic to you. Please feel free to contact me at any of these contact points for additional information, or to discuss Nic’s qualifications further.”

Roland Caliboso, Swegel Family LLC

“I first met Nicholas Gill in the Fall of 2017 when he was a member of the team at Westlake Associates. We had retained them to sell our apartment building and execute a 1031 Exchange with the proceeds. The business was underperforming in producing cash and also had become too time-consuming as an investment.

Nic qualified all of the available properties using my parameters and eventually presented two that fit perfectly. My chosen approach is to be very hands on and he worked side by side with me throughout the acquisition process. Taking the lead as my agent and insuring that no details were missed, he brought negotiating skill and valuable experience to secure the deals.

The results of Nic’s efforts are that my operating income has near tripled and my management job has been reduced to routine accounting tasks. He has continued to be my advisor as I become familiar with the new businesses and I expect our relationship to be long term. I can confidently recommend Nic as a very qualified and effective real estate professional.

I am happy to provide any additional information that you may find helpful.”

Dan Neider, Neider Manufacturing Company

“As a family owned commercial real estate company, we have received many unsolicited broker queries on our properties over the years. Most often they lead nowhere and are frankly, a waste of our time.

The initial query from Nic Gill of Westlake Associates, Inc. was different. I received a cold call from Nic on one of our properties. Not knowing anything about him I asked for a bio and a list of recent sales and projects he had handled. Within 30 minutes I received exactly the kind of information I had requested. I then called Nic, we had a good conversation, I requested additional information to present to our team, and all checked out. Nic showed familiarity with our property, the area and the market. He had definite ideas from the get-go on how to maximize a potential sale.

We are currently working with Nic on several projects. He is far more than a sales broker – he continually has worked hard on our behalf bringing us creative opportunities and solutions. Most importantly to us is that Nic is tireless in his pursuits of getting us WHAT WE WANT. He is upbeat and exceedingly pleasant to both sides which has resulted in keeping deals alive and moving towards the end goal.

We value Nic’s efforts, enjoy working with him a great deal, and feel fortunate to have him on our team.”

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